Eyelash Extensions Training

Eyelash Extensions Training

Divine Brow Lash Academy provides a range of Eyelash extensions training courses with specialisation in the Russian Volume Eyelash extensions. We can cater the Eyelash extensions training course to your requirements be it one on one or group training. Jenny has trained many eyelash technicians who successfully opened their own business.
Volume eyelash application is a technique of placing 2-6 individual, feather light artificial lashes on each natural lash. This method was developed in Russia and spread quickly all over the world due to high demand and popularity among clients. Clients love Russian Volume Eyelashes because of the thickness and natural/glamorous look without making the lashes become heavier and they only need infills after 3-4 weeks. When clients are happy with the new set, they will come back regularly for refills and refer their friends. This will definitely bring more money to the eyelash technicians.
After completing the Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course, the technicians will be confident in doing a glamorous eyelash extension set for every client. They are able to design different styling effects, consult clients on suitable shapes, and develop their own eyelash extension service.

Eyelash Extensions – Classic

Cost: $1500 (excluding GST) 
Training time: 3 days (10am-4pm, 1 lash plate)
Student kit available ( 4 lash trays , 2 tweezer, glue 3-4s )
Model support: 2 models
Eyelash Extensions – Russian Volume

Cost: $2200 (excluding GST)
Training time: 5 days (10am-4pm, 1 lash plate)
Student kit available ( 5 lash trays, 2 tweezers, glue 2-3s )
Model support: 3 models

Combination Eyelash Extensions :
Classic & Russian Volume

Cost: $3000 (excluding GST)
Training time: 7 days ( 10am-4pm)
Student kit available (10 lash trays, 3 tweezers, glue 2-3s, glue remove, primer, 4 lash plates)
Model support: 5 models

What You Will Learn During This Course

Theory of eyelash extensions
Eyelash extension products information
Eyelash extension application procedures
Russian Volume Techniques
Design custom shape/styling
Practice on live models
Safe removals of eyelash extensions
Refills procedures
Giving consultation and advice to clients about eyelash extensions
Lash after care and instructions
Marketing skills
We require 50% deposit in advance at the time of booking your course date. Full payment needs to be made on the first day of the course. We do not refund if you change your mind after 3 days of deposit. After full payment has been made, if you fail to complete the course due to personal reasons, we will not refund, however, you can delay the course to another date of your choice.